Shows a CD jewel case with the cover artwork of the current playing album.
The cover artwork is presented with a slide in/out effect.

Searches for artwork in iTunes and on your hard drive. If no artwork is found, it searches for artwork at Amazon.

Exports the artwork to iTunes.

Supports drag and drop of artwork.

See the lyrics of the current song.

Searches for lyrics on the internet.

Exports the lyrics to iTunes.

The lyrics can be displayed on the jewel case or in a separate window.

Controls iTunes: Play/pause, previous/next track, shuffle on/off, volume control, song progress bar and rating.

The jewel case can be flipped around. On the backside you'll get access to tracks on the current album, albums by current artist, all artists in your library and all albums in your library.

Customizable global hotkeys.

Track announcing.

Dock icon is updated with the current album cover artwork.






Track announcing

Global Hokeys


Menu Bar

Tip #1: If you are using Spaces in Lion and you want My Tunes Companion to appear on every desktop, control click on the icon in the Dock and choose Options -> Assign To All Desktops.

Tip #2: In Lion you can download some very nice voices to use with Track Announcing. Open System Preferences. Select Speech and click on Text to Speech. Select Customize… in the System Voice pop-up menu. My favorite is Daniel (UK English).